The Cars That Helped Redefine Their Brands

Through the Years, car brands Been known for Certain traits. Yet as the auto industry changes, manufacturers are looking to shake consumer’s perceptions as well.


Car and Driver recently examined some of The top cars place to debut within the next few decades which will alter drivers’ perceptions of a brand’s reputation. At precisely the exact same time, the information source also said a few of the old vehicles, which could now be found on the used market, which were comparable game-changers to their business.

One of the cars selected was the new Hyundai Equus, as the South Korean automaker typically known for cheaper automobiles is looking to leap in the luxury marketplace. With a 58,000 price label, Apple iPadowners manual and valet maintenance service included, the brand just might have struck the little details that many luxury drivers are prepared to pay extra for.

The news source says that Hyundai is Looking to prevent the pitfalls of the Volkswagen Phaeton, the automaker’s attempt at a lavish model. This $70,000 extra-roomy car was a catastrophe in the U.S., but Volkswagen successfully marketed the car in Europe, in which its still popular. Instead, Hyundai is expecting that the new Equus will go the way of the Lexus LS400.

This timeless car had been Toyota’s first effort at a luxury vehicle and it succeeded beyond the provider’s wildest expectations, eventually launching an entire brand that’s still the most popular luxury nameplate in the U.S. today.

Talking of Lexus, the luxury brand is Lexus’ cars are generally famous for their smooth ride rather than their race-day chops, however the LFA is seeking to change that. The car is a significant update for anything that the automaker has offered before, including the IS F, which was previously the quickest Lexus 88์นด.

Mercedes took a similar plan with the SLR McClaren, but the news source claims that the car was too conservative and never Enough of an upgrade on the existing vehicles in the lineup. One car that Lexus may be hoping to emulate is the Ford GT. Ford had never produced a Supercar, but also the GT sold like hotcakes and Ford still generates tons of those today.

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