Popular Men’s Hairstyles For 2010

Want a New Look for 2010? Choosing a trendy haircut and picking a replacement hairstyle are strategic and may be frightening. Here are some haircut ideas which will assist you find your new style.


Classic Cut With Slick Back

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Classic haircuts are setting the tone in 2010 for men’s hair. One style you will be seeing tons of is that the slick back, or wet look, inspired by the heyday of Brylcreem within the 1950s. consider Leonardo Dicaprio’s timeless styles or how David Beckham sports his hair in Armani’s latest underwear campaign and you will get a transparent idea of the direction hairstylists are getting into this year.

One word of caution, however: If you’ve got an outsized brow, you’ll be wanting to glossy your hair extra to the side than toward the rear so as to avoid drawing attention to your high forehead. Men who add conservative environments will really enjoy these styles because they’re versatile enough to be worn anywhere from the office to stylish evenings out.


Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut is another timeless style which will be prominent this year. With this cut, hair is kept as short as possible, and to make sure you appear polished instead of maniacal, it’s absolutely imperative that a good length is maintained everywhere your head. With a buzz cut, it’s possible to successfully cut your hair yourself, but it does take patience, the proper tools and an honest mirror in order that you’ll see the rear of your head. If you are feeling in the least uncertain about chopping your own hair, see knowledgeable . In either case, scissors should be wont to crop hair quite on the brink of the skull before employing a razor to end the work properly. Men with receding hairlines will enjoy this cut because it makes the foremost of what you are doing have and conceals hair loss. Guys who lead busy lives also will appreciate this cut for its ultra-low-maintenance and wash-and-go factor.


Messy Top

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A cut with character, messy tops suggest an active personality. This year, with fashion’s emphasis on short, clean cuts, a messy top is additionally an excellent way for men who favor longer hair to feign having a cropped cut while keeping a number of their length. to tug off this messy look, you actually need a full head of medium-to-thick hair. Your locks should be layered, with rock bottom layer being the shortest and increasing in volume on the edges and top. This style works best with hair that features a slight natural wave thereto , although regardless of what your hair type, you will need to use a touch of mousse to make a big lift within the front. Guys who are students or who add a tutorial or creative field lead lifestyles that are best suited to the present haircut, so don’t attempt to escape with this style if you spend your day during a strict business environment as your quirky ‘do could be perceived as unprofessional.

The Textured Cut

One of the warmer trends of the past few years has been the short, texturized cut. The hair is generally cut aggressively short on the edges and back while the highest is point cut with shears or cut with a razor to feature aggressive texture.

Taylor Lautner’s recent short cut may be a prime example of this style — a glance that appears casual, but requires a touch of effort.

The Fringe

Continuing on from last year’s men’s hair trends, the men’s fringe remains a serious feature of men’s hair trends in 2010. But, naturally, this is often a hair trend that has evolved. While the men’s fringe in 2009 was all about close-to-eyebrow length, in 2010 we’ve more options.

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